This year was marked by my second collaboration with Director John Jacobsen and Producer Chris Oliver on the film titled “Spinning”.

John and Chris are the filmmakers behind “Arthur” which has won several awards since it was released last year.

Scoring “Spinning” was in interesting challenge. The score is very atypic and does not resemble anything I have done so far. There are 2 themes in the film and both of them are audible simultaneously. But each one being hidden inside the other one. The difficult part came from the fact that both themes are complete different musical genre, which really made it hard to combine them.

The subject of the film is about how sometimes we are so stuck in the past, we don’t even see anymore the present in front of us. It shows how passively destructive such a behavior can be.

For those of you who had the chance to watch “Arthur”, you will recognize in “Spinning” actresss Bhama Roget (the mom) and Sarah-Eve Gazitt (the little girl).

“Spinning” was written by Ramona Guentzel and just entered the festival circuit by being an official selection of the 2011 Columbia Gorges Film Festival.
You can visit the film’s website here:

Spinning's Official Poster