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In 2012, I had the opportunity to score Joey Johnson’s feature film titled “Shadowed.” I was asked to create a haunting score to go with this story that takes place deep into the woods of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.
The score of “Shadowed” is mostly orchestral, with bits of industrial techno/rock. It was very interesting to make the score grow with the film, as “Shadowed” is a flash back driven story. A group of friends go on a camping trip to fresh out their minds from the terrible events that happened 6 months before: the death of Sophia.

One of the most interesting theme that I developed for the film was Liebning’s, the vilain of the story. He is the owner of a bar/brothel and the music that plays in the bar is industrial-techno. At the beginning I was not supposed to score music for these scenes in the bar but very quickly, the idea that the bar music becomes Liebning’s theme through out the film grew strong in me and Joey really liked the idea. It leaded me to make some cool orchestral interpretation of this techno theme through out the film as part of the background score, growing into industrial-rock in one of the most important scene with him. It created an ominous presence of his character through out the whole film that I am very proud of.

“Shadowed” will be represented this year at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival Market or “Marché du Film!” Additionally, it will be an official selection at the 2013 Seattle International Film Festival. Also “Shadowed” won the audience choice award at the local 2012 Tacoma Film Festival in Washington.

A pretty impressive line up for what is Joey Johnson’s first feature film screenplay and feature film directing debuts!
If you get a chance to watch the film definitely feel to post in this section about it. You can also visit the film’s official website at and on the facebook page here:

Meanwhile you can hear the main theme of the film on the main page of my website, as usual: Enjoy!

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