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This year was marked by my second collaboration with Director John Jacobsen and Producer Chris Oliver on the film titled “Spinning”.

John and Chris are the filmmakers behind “Arthur” which has won several awards since it was released last year.

Scoring “Spinning” was in interesting challenge. The score is very atypic and does not resemble anything I have done so far. There are 2 themes in the film and both of them are audible simultaneously. But each one being hidden inside the other one. The difficult part came from the fact that both themes are complete different musical genre, which really made it hard to combine them.

The subject of the film is about how sometimes we are so stuck in the past, we don’t even see anymore the present in front of us. It shows how passively destructive such a behavior can be.

For those of you who had the chance to watch “Arthur”, you will recognize in “Spinning” actresss Bhama Roget (the mom) and Sarah-Eve Gazitt (the little girl).

“Spinning” was written by Ramona Guentzel and just entered the festival circuit by being an official selection of the 2011 Columbia Gorges Film Festival.
You can visit the film’s website here: http://www.spinningmovie.com

Spinning's Official Poster


In August 31st 2010, 4 themes from my album The Age of Heroes were performed by The Everett Symphony and The Everett Chorale along some of the best themes from composer John Williams to honor American heroes.

Artistic director and conductor of The Everett Symphony, Ron Friesen, choose “Hero”, “Welcome Home”, “The Awakening” and “The Awakening Alternative” to perform. For the occasion, we actually ended up combining in one piece both “Awakenings”. It was the first time that my music was performed live by such a large ensemble and believe me, it was something!

Months of preparation where necessary to get the score ready for the concert, and I take the occasion here to thank my dear friend Brian Packard, who worked so hard helping me putting those scores together.

One of the challenge was in the fact that “Age of Heroes” was written for an ideal minimum of a 70 piece orchestra. But that day, the orchestra was composed of only 50 piece and we had to make it work. The orchestration was crucial, and as I was going back in my software to apply the new changes and redistribution of instrumentation, I was getting closer to what it will actually sound like.

We had nearly 800 people who attended the concert and the public’s reaction was very positive. It was an amazing and quite enriching experience. The biggest moment for me was when I was introduced on stage by Bob Drewel — master of ceremony — who in the name of The Everett Symphony and the community said “France has given the US two great gifts – the statue of Liberty and Charles-Henri Avelange!”. Now that was so sweet… I was so honored and moved by it, it brought me to tears.

I certainly look forward to more collaborations with The Everett Symphony in the future. Ron Friesen gave me an incredible gift by picking my music for this performance, probably one of the most amazing thing that happened to me in 2010… and at this point in my life!