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2015 is starting incredibly well, I am currently signing on some very exciting projects and we started it off with an incredible news:  Polarrifc, the latest Hallmark Channel animated special I scored for the holidays was nominated at the prestigious Annie Awards — the highest recognition in the world for animation!

In Chel White’s own words, here is what Polariffic is about:

497236095_640“Taking place in the North Pole, “Polariffic” is a story about a foursome of Arctic friends that takes a journey from fear to friendship. Snowby a gentle polar bear, Jaz a be-bopping penguin, Flitter a light-on-her-feet artic fox and Cupcake a thoughtful baby seal are the best of friends, until one day they encounter Charlie, a young Yeti who tries to befriend them. At first terrified, the four friends find themselves face-to-face with the Yeti and must muster the courage to trust him in order to save themselves. In the end the gang learns appearances aren’t always what they seem.

Our little film was nominated for BEST ANIMATED SPECIAL PRODUCTION.  And the other contenders for the prize were pretty huge, no less than DreamWorks Animation with “How to Train Your Dragon,” “Cosmos: A Space Odyssey,” Pixar Animation’s “Toy Story” and Universal Television’s “How Murray Saved Christmas.”


Polariffic was nominated for Best Animated Special, and we were up against some pretty serious contenders!

Unfortunately for us, “Cosmos: A Space Odyssey” won the award.  But it’s ok, because we love Cosmos.  Such a great show.  I had the pleasure to attend the VIP Red Carpet event with my beautiful wife Jennifer and with Polariffic’s director Rob Shaw and my dear friend — director and owner of the animation studios Bent Image Lab — Chel White.

Jennifer Ingle and Charles-Henri Avelange attend the 42nd Annual Annie Awards Red Carpet in Los Angeles, CA. (2015)

Jennifer Ingle and Charles-Henri Avelange attend the 42nd Annual Annie Awards Red Carpet in Los Angeles, CA. (2015)

Even though I have been working with Rob Shaw for at least the past 2 years, it was the first time that we were meeting in person.  And I haven’t seen Chel since him and I worked on Jingle & Bell’s Christmas Star.  It was great to spend time all together.

Rob Shaw, Jennifer Ingle and Charles-Henri Avelange on the Red Carpet at the 42nd Annie Awards

Rob Shaw, Jennifer Ingle and Charles-Henri Avelange on the Red Carpet at the 42nd Annie Awards

Charles-Henri Avelange, Jennifer Ingle and Chel White on the Red Carpet at the 42nd Annie Awards

Charles-Henri Avelange, Jennifer Ingle and Chel White on the Red Carpet at the 42nd Annie Awards

The Red Carpet was very impressive of course, legend of animation were present, as well as legendary Disney’s composer Richard Sherman, who is probably one of the sweetest person on earth!  I also had the pleasure to meet Jen Rarey from Hallmark who produced Polariffic.

Scoring Polariffic was an amazing experience.  The film is probably the cutest thing I have ever seen on screen.  The animation is so well done and director Rob Shaw had some great ideas for the score.  I also had the pleasure to have my first collaboration with one of the best session guitarist in Los Angeles, Michael Ripoll.  Michael has done some extensive work for composer John Powell (Bourne Identity, Rio, How to Train Your Dragon…) and working with him was one of the most amazing experience I’ve had.  And here’s a hint:  I’m working again with Michael on another project (more to come soon!)


The fun thing about Polariffic, is that the film is supposed to be part of Hallmark’s main holiday feature film, which is called Northpole. In the story of Northpole, there is an animated TV series that everyone is fond of, and it’s called Polariffic.  In the film, you get to see only 30 seconds of it.  But then the full episode, which I worked on, is available as a bonus on Northpole’s DVD or on the Hallmark Channel website.

If you get a chance, you can watch the full short film on the Hallmark Channel’s website, here:
Polariffic on The Hallmark Channel

Everyone really liked the score and thought it was amazing.  I was very happy we managed to convey Rob’s vision through music.  I even ended up whistling in the end credits theme 🙂

For the score Rob wanted something not too orch10872785_10152432459951097_8449932734552322982_oestral, trying to step away from the Disney style.  That’s how we ended up with Mandolin, Mandola, Ukulele (yup, for a Christmas movie… that’s right)  all sorts of guitars and electric basses.  Trombone, fiddle, flutes and voila!  The recipe for quite an original score.

The wonderful Royce Hall at UCLA was a full house.  The ceremony was also on TV and people were able to stream it live online.  Chel, Rob, Jennifer and I were sitting right in the middle of the Disney people. Which was quite fun 🙂

The ceremony had the particularity this year of not having a host, instead, we had a series of people presenting each category of awards.  We were very well treated and the animation community is warm and welcoming.  A big thank you goes to the IAFS-Hollywood for all the attention and care they put into this event.  The food was delicious and the staff charming.

All that to say, see you next year the Annie’s!  I certainly look forward to attend once again, and who knows, maybe this time we will win that beautiful statuette!

Charles-Henri Avelange Annie Awards 2015 4


Chel White, Rob Shaw and Charles-Henri Avelange sitting inside Royce Hall during the ceremony.



Shadowed Poster

In 2012, I had the opportunity to score Joey Johnson’s feature film titled “Shadowed.” I was asked to create a haunting score to go with this story that takes place deep into the woods of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.
The score of “Shadowed” is mostly orchestral, with bits of industrial techno/rock. It was very interesting to make the score grow with the film, as “Shadowed” is a flash back driven story. A group of friends go on a camping trip to fresh out their minds from the terrible events that happened 6 months before: the death of Sophia.

One of the most interesting theme that I developed for the film was Liebning’s, the vilain of the story. He is the owner of a bar/brothel and the music that plays in the bar is industrial-techno. At the beginning I was not supposed to score music for these scenes in the bar but very quickly, the idea that the bar music becomes Liebning’s theme through out the film grew strong in me and Joey really liked the idea. It leaded me to make some cool orchestral interpretation of this techno theme through out the film as part of the background score, growing into industrial-rock in one of the most important scene with him. It created an ominous presence of his character through out the whole film that I am very proud of.

“Shadowed” will be represented this year at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival Market or “Marché du Film!” Additionally, it will be an official selection at the 2013 Seattle International Film Festival. Also “Shadowed” won the audience choice award at the local 2012 Tacoma Film Festival in Washington.

A pretty impressive line up for what is Joey Johnson’s first feature film screenplay and feature film directing debuts!
If you get a chance to watch the film definitely feel to post in this section about it. You can also visit the film’s official website at http://www.shadowedmovie.com and on the facebook page here:

Meanwhile you can hear the main theme of the film on the main page of my website, as usual: http://www.charleshenriavelange.com Enjoy!

SIFF 2013 Poster


During the summer of 2010, I had the opportunity to score the short film Arthur. The film was directed by John Jacobsen (The Artist Toolbox, Around The Fire…) and was made in order to showcase the best of film making that can be accomplished in Washington.

It was quite challenging to work on this film. The deadline was tight to start with (nothing new there 🙂 But the film has very few dialogues and therefore the music is an extremely important component of the film. At this point, it becomes the story teller. But in addition, John wanted the music to stand by itself as a musical piece without the pictures, while synchronized to each of his cuts.

I did the job in one full week. The score ended up being really great, full orchestral and a Boychoir on top of it! The film was largely acclaimed during the world premiere at the SIFF cinema on October 9th 2010. The film was played in front of a full house (400 people). For the fun facts, the film is starring Aaron Hart, who not only is the youngest actor to ever receive a Screen Actor Guild Award, but happen to star in another film that I will be scoring, which was in production before I got attached to “Arthur”. So I ended up meeting him on the set of ZERO POINT (another film that I will soon post about) and then got to score a film where he was starring… So at this point, I will soon have two film starring Aaron Hart in my resume 🙂 Funny how it goes sometimes.

So far, Arthur won the Best of Fest award and is currently an official selection at the 2011 Sedona International Film Festival

The music I did for it will soon be available for listening on my website, so make sure to check it out!

Arthur's Poster